Precision Landscaping Driveways

Cobble Stone, Pavers & Brick Driveway Surfacing

These are the Rolls Royce’s of the driveway entrepreneur and what makes Precision Landscaping stand out above the rest. Precision Landscaping creates real driveway art where the look and designs make a statement.

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The beauty, elegance and grace also comes with a price tag but always within your budget. The reason they cost so much, is each piece has to be hand set one at a time, and each piece has a purchase price. Much time is spent hand laying these products not to mention color and design patterns and cutting hundreds of them to fit. Think of is as putting together a large 10,000 piece puzzle, on your hands and knees, where each piece weighs about 7 lbs., and you have to make the pieces fit as you go!

Stone driveway construction is a time consuming task, therefore making it a bit expensive, but lasting a life time.

Imagine having to purchase 10,000 pieces for example: Each one cost $1.00, this stone driveway product, just for stone, would cost the contractor $10,000. Before he can even begin to bid on the driveway installation and labor cost, he would need to know exactly what product, colors and design pattern that you might desire to have as your driveway.

Cobble stone may cost as much as $5.00 each, and Bricks or Paver can cost anywhere from .50 cents to as much as $3.00 each with a great variety of shapes and colors.

Durability: lasts a lifetime & most pavers come with a warranty
Price range: $5 sq/ft – $50 sq/ft
Maintenance: semi-annual washing & sealing, weed control yearly

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